Control theory Essay Assignment Paper

Control theory Essay Assignment Paper

Control theory Essay Assignment Paper

Assignment: Control theory

10. Your feeling that a district attorney has a lot of power refer to which dimension of affect control theory?

a. evaluation

b. potency

c. activity

d. strength

11. What emotion did wheelchair users employ when managing interactions with “stand-up” people in Cahill and Eggleston’s study of people with a handicap?

a. fear

b. humor

c. love

d. anger



12. Your friend, Chloe, goes through a bad break-up and her cat runs away all in the same week.

When you and Chloe are out to dinner one night you run into Sarah, a good friend of yours from school. Chloe expresses the tragedies that have befallen her the past week to Sarah who proceeds to listen and then changes the conversation. Once back to your dinner, Chloe expresses her dismay and hurt that Sarah did not seem concerned about her break-up or loss

of her cat. Sarah is upset because her were not met.

a. social scripts

b. emotional scri pts

c. sentiments

d. emotions

13. According to Randall Collins’ theory of interaction ritual chains, what role does emotion play in the mai ntenance of society?

a. Emotional energies provide the reason for maintaining interactions in society.

b. Emotional scripts provide information about how to behave in society.

c. Emotions give us cues as to whether we are performing our roles in society adequately.

d. Emotions exist within a series of “feeling rules” about how to behave in society.

14. Which of the following jobs does NOT demand high levels of emotion work.

a. waitress

b. teacher

c. customer service agent

d. None of the above.

15. Steve turned to the people around him for help in deciding how to act at a local protest.

According to perception control theory, what form of perception control is he using?

a. independent instruction

b. interdependent instruction

c. organizational instruction

d. interactional instruction

16. What is the best predictor of an individual participating in a march or a riot?

a. her structural position

b. her concern over a social condition in society

c. her being asked to go to the event

d. her access to resources



17. The vast majority of protests and other collective events have which kind of dispersal?

a. routine dispersal

b. emergency dispersal

c. coerced dispersal

d. active dispersal

18. Which of the following are typical behaviors at a large protest march?

a. People break off into a series of smaller groups.

b. People form lines to access various faci I ities.

c. People develop arcs and circles around speakers.

d. All of the above are typical behaviors.


_____ is thrill-seeking behaviors designed to produce intense emotions.

a. Potency

b. Edgework

c. Cyberneticism

d. None of the above.


20. Enduring emotional meanings in a given society is known as _

a. fundamental sentiments

b. transient senti ments

c. emotional cues

d. emotion work

21. The debate as to whether or not you should stop and look at an accident while driving by,

possibly slowing down the traffic behind you, is an example of a _

a. social dilemma

b. free rider problem

c. group conformity

d. mass hysteria

22. Public radio-radio stations that rely, in part, on listener support to stay in business-run the risk of what problem?

a. a social dilemma

b. the free rider problem

c. group conformity

d. mass hysteria


23. The use of is important to the forming of collective memories.

a. storytelling

b. collective behavior

c. collective emotion

d. framing

24. According to emergent norm theory. the is the type of person who

participates in the group out of curiosity.

a. ego-involved participant

b. curiosity seeker

c. concerned participant

d. insecure participant

25. Phase of collective behavior referring to the factors that bring people together into the same place at the same time.

a. gathering phase

b. homogeneity of mood

c. assembling phase

d. interpretive phase

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