Influence Of Care Workers’ Attitude To Dementia And Coping Styles Essay Assignment Paper

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Influence Of Care Workers’ Attitude To Dementia And Coping Styles Essay Assignment Paper



In most long-term medical facilities, care providers carry out complex jobs, providing care and support to their dementia patients, enduring psychological and emotional needs as well as meeting the needs of their family members. Sometimes, nurse Assistants and personal carers in the nursing care facilities are engaged for lengthy hours, with low salaries, and poor compensation benefits (Pitfield, Shahriyarmolki, & Livingston, 2011). With such working environments, health practitioners in nursing facilities are often subjected to a lot of stress.


Dementia is the term used to refer to a wide range symptoms resulting from brain disorders. Dementia has significant effects on behaviour of the patients, the patient’s daily work routine and thinking. A person’s social lifestyle and working life is altered by dementia beyond a person’s normal operation. The severity of dementia may be to the extent of incapability to cope with daily activities which result from a decrease in cognitive ability. Dementia diagnosis by doctors is based on a number of significantly dysfunctional cognitive functions. Diagnosis is administered in the cases where a patient suffers from more than one cognitive function impairment (Alzheimer’s Association, 2013). The most commonly impaired cognitive functions affected are; judgment, message understanding, memory, spatial skills, attention, and language skills. Changes in personality may also be a dementia symptom. However, changes in personality mainly depend on the section of the brain that the disease resulting from dementia has impaired.


Vascular dementia is caused by the impairment of the blood vessels located in the brain, which result from either numerous gradual mini-strokes or a single stroke (Prince, Guerchet, &Prina, 2013). Alzheimer’s disease on the other hand results from systematic deterioration of cognitive abilities. These declines in the cognitive abilities in most cases begin with impairment of the memory loss. It is the most rampant infection which accounts for over 60 percent of dementia cases (Alzheimer’s Association, 2013).

The body of a human being is naturally active to demand or threat and the reaction is displayed through a chemical response. This response generates an abnormal behaviour known as the strain. The body gradually regains its initial state after the threat or demand has been withdrawn. In the workplace, the workers are overloaded with tasks exceeding their ability and even with increased effort they still cannot manage the tasks (AbuAlRub, 2004). The overload provokes an anxiety and their heartbeat is gets faster due to their incapability to manage their workloads (Johnson, et al., 2005). The overall result is strain which may include; chronic headache (insomnia) and high blood pressure.


General Practitioners experience intense levels of occupational stress. The factors resulting to such stress include; handling complicated patients, abnormal anticipations of their task by their clients and relatives, inquiry for alternative impression, managing terminally sick patients, and emergency demands. Dealing with dementia is regarded by nurses and general practitioners as the most difficult task to undertake and consider them outside their ordinary occupational role (Borson, Frank, Bayley, Boustani, Dean, Lin, and Ashford, 2013).

Coping with occupational stress by employees is important regardless of the field in which one is based. In the context of Dementia, an individual’s coping with the role of care giving is key since it enables one to be capable of managing pressures that are associated with provision of care to dementia patients. In an effort to deal with the pressures attributed to managing dementia, primary providers of care for individuals with dementia depend on a number of services and supports. Dementia caregivers should be informed about dementia diagnosis and even about assistance resulting after diagnosis. Caregivers need to be viewed as being significant partners in the process of giving care (Samples et al, 1991). In addition, there is need to assist caregivers to deal and cope with most of the symptoms that are attributed to dementia such as behaviours that are challenging. Services like peer support, medical and emotional support, legal advice and fiscal support can have tremendous effects on the caregiver and their capability to cope well with the role of care giving.


The main aim of the study is to explore the influence of care workers attitudes to dementia patients and the coping styles on the occupational stresses encountered. The study will be aligned to the following specific research objectives;
1. To understand factors that influences the attitudes of care workers working with dementia patients in residential and care home facilities.
2. To explore how the length of working hours, levels of compensation, management approaches, discrimination and hostility by dementia patients influences care workers attitudes towards job satisfaction.
3. To discuss stress coping styles for patients working with dementia patients in care setting.


Hypothesis 2:There will be significant difference on care workers job satisfaction if all other coping styles (demographic factors) are considered in personal circumstances such as age, years of experience, ethnic background.
Research Design
According to the research proposal, the variables that will be used for this study arepersonal factors (state), attitude to dementia, coping styles and occupational stress. All the variables will be measured using self-Questionnaires for each participant and will be tested using multiple regression. The target variable will be occupational stress, while the other variables will be considered as predictors for the study.


FREQUENCY TABLE: Gender (Male and Female)
1. DESCRIPTIVE TABLE: Both dependent and independent Variables ( Mean and Standard deviation)
3. REGRESSION TABLE: Hierarchical (Model 1 and Model 2) and explain the variability of each variables.
4. CORRELATION TABLE: determine the following
 the relationship between all the variables (Independent and dependent)
 the association of each variables to each other
 whether independent variables subscales predicts the dependent variable


 Problem _focused coping,
 Emotional_ focused _coping
 Avoidance_ focused_coping
 TOTAL_DAS_comfort
 TOTAL_DAS_knowledge
 TOTAL_Occuptional_stress_scale


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